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Read about when I was one of the four students selected by PM Justin Trudeau to address the graduating class of 2020

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Read my feature on the Vector Scholarship in AI web page!

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Read my feature in the UofT Comp Sci news, where I talk about my experience interning at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

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Read my interview with Thriver, as we talk about my journey and why diversity in tech is so important

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Read my feature on receiving the DeepMind scholarship!

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Read the news feature covering my receiving of the 2018 Women in Technology Konrad Group Scholarship 

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Read my feature on being named one of 2020's top prospects in leading innovators!

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Read the John H Moss Scholarship citation!

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Let CS Graduate Together, The Varsity

Read the news coverage of the petition I spearheaded to let the Computer Science graduates have their own department graduation.

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