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Legacy Projects


Stackd | The Digitised Recruiting App
​Stackd is a mobile/tablet application that facilitates the resume collection and categorization process for recruiters through digitizing and annotating paper resumes on-site and storing them in a categorized database.

Language: Java

IDE: Android Studio 


Bubble Sort

Bubble Sort | The Math Education Game
Bubble Sort helps users practice their basic addition, subtraction and multiplication skills in a fun and educational way.

There's a bath tub that generates equation-carrying bubbles! Players must solve the equations before the bubbles reach the clothing line and cause the tub to flood. 

Language: Python

IDE: Processing


Connecting Four

Connecting Four | 
Connection Four is a virtual version of the classic "Connect Four" game. Two players compete to align four of their tokens ​either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
Language: Java
IDE: Processing



Offline Blog Reader

Offline Blogger| iOS App
Now you can view the GoogleBlog Posts offline. 
Language: Swift
IDE: Xcode
API source:
Data Storage: Core Data



Memory Lane

Memory Lane | iOS App
Memory Lane allows users to save their most memorable locations while they are there by pinpointing the place the desired location on a map.
Language: Swift
IDE: Xcode
Makes use of: User Location


What's the Weather

What's the Weather | iOS App
Using the API, this iOS app gives you the weather description for the city of your input!
Language: Swift
IDE: Xcode
API source:




Tagger | The PhotoRenaming Program 
Tagger is a computer program that allows users to rename their images by adding tags or deleting tags and using search operations based on most common tag, specific tags, thus enhancing the photo viewing experience.
Language: Java


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